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  After Service  

Service policy:

A、Our company has a service team with training and the practice exercise for a long time.
B、serves for the customer Zealously, falls customer is the first really in each staff's action.

Service content:

A、Assist the customer install and adjust the equipment, be sure the equipment achieve specification。
B、Assist user test and run power transmission, hand over the user to approval after the equipment run full load without any abnormal phenomenon 72 hours。
C、Training user to grasps operation and service facilities. Carries on the quality follow-up and visit the user。

The service pledged:

In principle, we maintains the complete set of equipment for a year. But regardless of in warranty period or outside,So long as it is manufacture quality question,The manufacture side provides the service free, settle the problem thoroughly. If the improper use of user causes the product accident, the manufacture side also go to the site to assist solve the problem in 24-48 hours.


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